Noise Prevention Systems

Specialising In Noise Control
Noise control & acoustic Threatment. This is the ground base of Fuji Engineering which has over the years, developed noise control systems and equipment for factories, recording studios, auditoriums, theatres and industrial sites.

High noise machinery enclosure.
(from 130dBA reduced to Below 80dBA)

Acoustic door & silencerPrecision Machinery Enclosure

Low Decibel Room
(Below 40dBA)

Nature of Business :
Specialising in design and construction of noise control system and accoustic system for industrial field.

  • Sound Absorbent Room.
  • Machinery Noise Enclosure.
  • Quality control room.
    (low decibel noise level)
  • Running inspection room.
  • Sound Proof Room.
  • Acoustic Door.

Quality Control Room.
Structure Design
Completely Removable yet Captive walls
Fuji components are stored in a convenient storage area when removed from structure. These sturdy, all-steel jacking panels seal between the existing floor amd the overhead structural track. When 'open', Fuji panels leave no trip hazard sills. All hardware is captive, ensuring long-term maintenence-free acoustic integrity. (top left diagram)
Floor and Vibration Control
When structurally transmitted noise and/ or vibration must be controlled, the enclosure ids built upon floating vibration integrity. (top right diagram) A variety of innovative structures are available for a multitude of applications. All components are versatile and easily installed. Fuji structures are designed to maximise on adaptability, minimise on space and installation time. All have inbuilt noise reduction characteristics with high sound transmission loss and sound absorption properties.

Fuji noise control systems include :

  • Straight barriers or walls
  • Partial and complete enclosures
  • Roofs, floors and vibration control system
  • Trackwalls for adaptable yet captive walls
Ventilation for Complete Enclosures
Ventilation Systems in low and high-volume flow designs are available. Air conditioning (air and water cooled) is available for personal shelters and test environments.

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